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Hot Water Booster / Storage Tanks

Heat-flo’s Hot Water Storage / Booster Tanks offer high quality and high efficiency and are engineered to provide the reliable, abundant hot water that today’s larger homes require. Homes with multiple baths, hot tubs, and body sprays increase the requirement for the “dump loads” that tankless coils, instantaneous water heaters, and plate heat exchangers cannot provide.

Adding the ability to store hot water in a storage tank with accurate temperature control reduces boiler fuel consumption because water can be produced and stored at lower temperatures, resulting in reduced burner cycling and more readily available hot water.

Quality Design and Construction

  • All stainless steel.
  • Over 2" of insulation, providing less than 1° / hr. heat loss.
  • Flexible thermoplastic jacket that will not corrode and resists denting.
  • Stainless steel dip tubes.

Easy Installation

  • All connections are on top on the standard units. Connecting to a high-efficiency wall-mount boiler or instantaneous water heater is about as easy as it gets.
  • Units are provided with two separate connections for heat source supply and return - resulting in excellent temperature control and no guesswork. Heat source supply and return connections are hydraulically decoupled from cold and hot. High hot water draw rates will not affect the circulator/control performance.
  • Drain valve and T&P valve are factory installed.
  • A high quality thermal well comes standard. 

Residential and Commercial

  • Models available with 30, 40, 60, 80, and 115 gallon tanks.
  • Banking together 80 and 115 gallon units for applications with high water heating demands.