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I Am a Homeowner Who Wants to Purchase a Heat-flo Tank

  • I am a homeowner who wants to purchase a Heat-flo tank. What are my options?
    • Heat-flo sells through the wholesale supply market. We work closely with our representatives to get you the tank you need.
  • How can I; a homeowner, contact a Heat-flo representative?
    • You will need to get in contact with your contractor. Your contractor can then contact a representative in your area in order to purchase a tank.
  • Why can’t I buy a tank on my own?
    • Heat-flo does not sell directly to homeowners. Think of it this way, if you wanted to purchase a vehicle, would you go directly to the manufacturer? Or would you go through a car salesman at a dealership?
    • Think of your contractor as a car salesman, the sales representative as the dealership, and Heat-flo as the manufacturer.
  • This seems like a lot of work…
    • Heat-flo wants to ensure that we can keep track of every sale we make, down to every tank we produce. If we sold directly to homeowners, it could make it more difficult to file a warranty claim. More difficult to find someone to fix your tank. It could also be more difficult for you; the homeowner, to ensure the tank you purchased is installed correctly. Finally, it would be more difficult to ensure the tank that you receive is the perfect size for what you need.
  • Overall, we sell the way we do in order to ensure that your tank is taken care of before during AND after installation.